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Fetish Fantasy with Auhbrey Kumming

That which arouses you most is my delight. As a feminine dominant, satisfying those hidden urges longing for attention gives me great pleasure. Do share your specific requests or I can introduce you to my collection of adult toys or extensive Sissy wardrobe, including wigs, lashes and nails, that will awaken the fetish within!  (FYI: I adore shoes! I'm a size 7. Fendi & Jimmy Choo are my favorites!).

* $1800 for 4 hours - $1400 for 3 hours -  $1000 for 2 hours - $750 for 1.5 hours - $500 for 1 hour - $300 for a 1/2 Hour         

*  PSE:  $2700 for 4 hours - $2100 for 3 hours - $1500 for 2 hours - $1000 for 1.5 hours - $750 for 1 hour - $450 for 1/2 hour

* Couples Add $250 per hour

* For an explanation of what PSE means to me, see my Appointments page. 

* For longer sessions see my Extravaganza Packages

Role Play with Auhbrey Kumming

I love to dress up and have an extensive wardrobe that doesn’t quit! I have also amassed an extensive Sissy wardrobe that doesn't quit including lingerie, heels/ slippers, garders and thigh highs, wigs, lashes and nails, and much much more! As a master of scenarios, be ready for a complete transformation that will breathe life into the fantasy that until now you have only dreamed about. And yes, I will accept gifts to better enhance our experience.  I also provide complete transformations with the option of a girls social time (only available to believable ladies).

* $1800 for 4 hours - $1400 for 3 hours -  $1000 for 2 hours - $750 for 1.5 hours - $500 for 1 hour - $300 for a 1/2 Hour                                                                                                        * $1200 for up to 3 hours - $1500 for up to 4 hours - $2000 for  up to 6 hours:  

     Full Feminization/ Sissy Transformation, to your comfort level then "Girls Time" either in the room, out and about, or a combination of the two. I have had had so much fun going out for aps and drinks or shoe shopping outings! (Outings only available to believable "ladies".)

*  PSE:  $2700 for 4 hours - $2100 for 3 hours - $1500 for 2 hours - $1000 for 1.5 hours - $750 for 1 hour - $450 for 1/2 hour

* Couples Add $250 per hour

* For longer sessions see my Extravaganza Packages


** My interests include (in no particular order) butt are not limited to:   (** personal favorites, although I DO enjoy everything listed here! )

- ** Sissies, Forced Bi, Cross Dressing,Cuckold (as a fantasy role play only. I DO NOT WORK WITH AN ALPHA - EVER!)

- ** Strap On & Various Toys

- ** Phone Sessions via messaging or speaking, Distance Training

- ** All Foot & Shoes, Boots Worship

- ** Panty Hose, Nylons, Stockings & Socks Worship

- Trampling, Stomping, Ball Busting

- ** Material, Cloth, Sensation Play - I have 100% Genuine Latex, Satin, Silks, as well as, Several different types of Furs and Leathers

- All Body Worship (I DO NOT OFFER FULL NUDE)

- ** Smoking fetish with Weed only. I am allergic to tobacco!

- Humiliation

-  ** Tease & Denial, JOI, 

- Bondage (with rope or panty hose)

- ** Erotic Rub Downs (see my Appointments page for details)

- Role Play, Scripted Role Play

- Brown, Golden & Ruby Showers

- Torture:  Nipple Torture, CBT, POW, Interrogations

- Wax Play & Ice Play

- Financial Domination:   ** Sponsor Me, Cash Meets, Spoil Me Sessions (check out my Princess pics!), Shopping Trips, Staycations & Vacations, ** NEW FENDI  or BCBG!

- Human Furniture

- Ignore Sessions

- Sight Seeing Around the Strip & History Lessons

- Exercise Sessions at the gym or biking, hiking, swimming (I'll even bring the organic snacks!)


** Made it this far and haven't quite seen what you're fantasizing about?? Luckily for you I am a very open minded lady with an aspiration for new experiences and studious explorations!


** I do offer In Call, provided, you are willing to send me a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard, or an online gift card via Amazon or GiftRocket to book the room. I do not keep a daily In Call location. If you travel to Vegas often or are local, please plan ahead or I am able to put you on my contact list for when I do have an In Call available. 




- OFFER LIFESTYLE I AM STRICTLY PRO! You're not that special.

- NEGOTIATE TRIBUTES!  Don't have it?  Well, save up and spoil yourself!

- I am currently not working with an Aplha or with any other ladies.

- Travel to meet Friends I am not already acquainted with

- Smoke anything with "cig" in the name as I am allergic to tobacco or allow cig smoking around me

- Take illegal drugs or bring you illegal drugs or allow you to smoke illegal drugs around me

- Blackmail & Kidnapping

- Sessions that could cause medical issues such as Sounding or Needle Play. 

Thank You for respecting my boundaries and of course I will definitely provide you the same courtesy!



9 " inch strap on las vegas high rise

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