Auhbrey Kumming

Las Vegas Erotic Hostess

Las Vegas Erotic & Fetish Concierge for Entertainment, Dining, Table Games & More...


* Made it this far and haven't quite seen what you're fantasizing about?? Luckily for you I am a very open minded lady with an aspiration for new experiences and studious explorations!  Please email me a PG rated version of your desires to see if we are a good fit for one another. 


* Wondering about an In call Location? I do offer In Call, provided, you are willing to send me a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard, or an online gift card via Amazon or GiftRocket to book the room. I do not keep a daily In Call location. If you travel to Vegas often or are local, please plan ahead so I am able to put you on my contact list for when I do have an In Call available, as I do some times book a room myself. 


* I do require you to respect my boundaries, as you would expect I do for you. In doing so I appreciate you not asking me about the following as,


- OFFER GFE!!  I AM NOT YOUR GF & I WILL NOT PRETEND TO BE! This includes, butt not limited to, all kissing and all kitty play. Also, I will mention I only speak English. 

- OFFER LIFESTYLE I AM STRICTLY PRO!  I never spend free time with New Friends and I will never invite you to my residence.

- NEGOTIATE TRIBUTES!  Don't have it?  Well, save up and spoil yourself!  The harder you work for something the more you'll appreciate it when you're finally able to indulge  :)

- I am currently not working with an Alpha nor am I interested in doing so. If you're seeking the real thing, or traditional cuckolding, look else where. Don't bother me about your wants. 

- I am currently not working with any other ladies nor am I interested in doing so.  If you're interested in a double find a lady that offers that. 

- Travel to meet Friends I've not already acquainted with in Las Vegas, NV, USA

- Smoke anything with "cig" in the name as I am allergic to tobacco or allow cig smoking around me.


             HOWEVER!!! I AM VERY 420 FRIENDLY!!! 

I also moderately enjoy Vodka, specifically Chopin or Titos, with Cranberry and Lime.  You can never go wrong with a medium to dry Riesling, one brand I enjoy is Chateau St Michelle.  Similar Italian wines I have found to be lovely. Champagne or Prosecco are amazing options! Rose is also amazing with Cranberry, it's my made up Champagne Cocktail and it needs a proper name, perhaps you can help me with that!


- Take illegal drugs or bring you illegal drugs or allow you to smoke illegal drugs around me.

- Blackmail

- Kidnapping

- Sessions that could cause medical issues such as Sounding or Needle Play/ Piercing. 


* Thank You once again for respecting my boundaries and of course I will definitely provide you the same courtesy!  

*  I look forward to our future explorations!



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