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Las Vegas Erotic Hostess

Las Vegas Erotic & Fetish Concierge for Entertainment, Dining, Table Games & More...

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“It’s not just about the erotic, it’s about the adventure”

With the guidance of an easy going and open minded hostess, with over a decade residing in Las Vegas, your stay will resound with sizzling memories. After all, when naughty meets nice you can be sure that erotic surprises are in store for you! My packages are a reference point to give you an idea of how much fun we can have when we kum together. Connect with me to share your fantasies and desires. A brief phone consultation may be in order and pre-screening is a must for my personal safety. Prior to requesting a session view my Addictions page to discover my session interests and make sure we're compatible.


Just getting your toes wet? Let’s get acquainted over coffee, cocktails, a light lunch or dinner to see if we are a good fit for each other. There is an excellent chance that an hour of arousing conversation will turn into an afternoon of entertainment and frolic! See my Addiction page to scope out my interests! And don't forget to view my extensive gallery on my Aesthetic page, to get ideas of the types of Extravaganzas you may expect. 


$100 - A Quick Introduction:  Only available prior to a scheduled appointment, to ensure I am the addictive lady representing these exquisite pictures! 

$350 - Lunch:  Beginning from 10 am to 559 pm, up to 90 minutes.

$500 - Breakfast:  Beginning from 2 am to 959 am, up to 2 hours.

$500 - Dinner: Beginning from 6 pm to 159 am, up to 2 hours.

$1,000 - 3 hours, spending ALL time outside of hotel suite, Couples Add $500

Erotic Bodywork

Sometimes stress, anxiety and life in general get the best of us. With my magical hands and sensual touch, I will rejuvenate your soul with pure relaxation. Be ready for a trip to heaven where nothing but pure bliss exists. I use only organic lotions and oils, and am delighted to offer a variety off erotic body work sessions including butt not limited to, strap on rub down (*favorite!), soft and hard rub downs, bondage rub down, rub down with sensation play, feet rub down, tickle rub down or perhaps an organic salt scrub and shower sounds more rejuvenating and relaxing!  Have another idea? Email me, I'm open minded.


* BW:  $1,800 for 4 hours  -  $1,400 for 3 hours  -  $1,000 for 2 hours  -  $750 for 1.5 hours  -  $500 for 1 hour  -  $300 for a 1/2 hour

 * PSE:   $2,700 for 4 hours  -  $2,100 for 3 hours  -  $1,500 for 2 hours  -  $1,000 for 1.5 hours  -  $750 for 1 hour  -  $450 for 1/2 hour


** I do offer PSE sessions, however,  I DO NOT OFFER GFE SESSIONS!!! 

Q:     So, What exactly does PSE mean to me? 

A:     When I quote my PSE Tribute it could be for several reasons, all of which indicate to me your are seeking more than a "typical" BDSM experience. More specifically, perhaps you would like

1: A topless experience with me in nothing more than a G-string paired with my sexiest stilettos!  Want to know a secret... well maybe not so secret... I have over 60 pair in all styles varieties colors shades shapes and sizes... Does that mean... I have a Fetish.... 

2: Perhaps you're really into BDSM butt you really need that little extra.

I DO NOT OFFER Fully Nude Sessions or ANY TYPE OF Kitty Play or Kissing or Full GFE. 

3: Perhaps you would like to be "The Director of the Show"!  Industry lingo calls it topping from the bottom. I call it being too excited to keep yourself in your place :)

 * Couples Add $250 per hour to all sessions.

For longer sessions see my Extravaganza Session Tributes directly below.

Vegas Extravaganza

Let’s get a feel for what Sin City is all about. I LOVE to play Private Tour Guide!  We might pop into a glitzy boutique, then roll the dice in one of my favorite casinos. Perhaps dinner at a premier restaurant, followed by a dazzling performance might be in order. Or, maybe, we’ll dine in at your private suite instead! Attending a spicy strip club might be exactly what you need to build the excitement, causing us to completely loose track of time while we explore for the rest of the day!  My Vegas Extravaganzas are typically split between going out and staying in.  Too “whatever” to go out?  No worries, that's exactly what my Private Extravaganzas below are for!

You Work Hard, Spoil Yourself, You Deserve It! You're in Vegas Baby, let's have some fun!

* $2,800 - up to 6 hours, Couples Add $1,000.

* $3,800 - up to 8 hours, Couples Add $1,500.

* $5,000 - up to 12 hours, Couples Add  $2,000.   

* $10,000 - up to 24 hours, Couples  Add $3,500.

Please contact me via email to discover what is required from You, to schedule an extended Extravaganza with Me (6 hours or longer).

Private Extravaganza

Enjoy All of Our Time Together Privately Transforming Your Taboo Desires into Forbidden Realities! Need I Say More ...

* $4,200 up to 6 hours, Couples Add $1,500.                   

* $5,400 up to 8 hours, Couples Add $2,000.         

* $8,000 up to 12 hours, Couples Add $3,000.             

* $15,000 up to 24 hours, Couples Add $5,000. 

Please contact me via email to discover what is required from you, to schedule an extended Extravaganza with me (6 hours or longer). 


** To Schedule a Session Completely Complete My Contact Form Linked Here or Email Me the Required Information at - Contact me


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