Auhbrey Kumming

Las Vegas Erotic Hostess

Las Vegas Erotic & Fetish Concierge for Entertainment, Dining, Table Games & More...

Welcome to Auhbrey Kumming

“I'll take you places you don’t even know exist!”

When it is time to liberate the inner voice that longs for luxurious entertainment complemented by kinky pleasure, I will become your fetish hostess. Abandon the conventions of daily living and enter another dimension where I will embrace your most secret taboo desires.  

Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself. I am Miss Auhbrey Kumming, a wonderfully sensual woman, specializing in an array of pleasures, with a flair for fetish, that will call out your wildest urges: especially the ones you’ve yet to realize! Allow your mind to expand upon Your exclusive and customized Extravaganza awaiting us.

Until We Meet …


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