Auhbrey Kumming

Las Vegas Erotic Hostess

Las Vegas Erotic & Fetish Concierge for Entertainment, Dining, Table Games & More...

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Is that really you in the photos?
Of course! And my photos are always updated (visit my Aesthetics page to view my newest full gallery). Even though I do not show my face, you will undoubtably recognize me as the stunny lady representing these exquisit pictures!
What is your heritage?
I am a beautifully blended European mix with a variety of looks that you will find quite mesmerizing.
How do you feel about gifts?
While never expected, a gift is a token of your affection. Always appreciated and warmly received. My favorite designers are Fendi size 7, BCBG size extra small or 4, Donna Karen size P. Of course, an Amazon gift card is always a sure choice.
Can you share a little more about yourself?
Outside of our engagement, you will find me outdoors swimming, biking, hiking or dining and spending time with loved ones. Town Square is the place to be day or night and chances are that’s where you will find me. I also enjoy traveling to experience first time adventures with my new friends, after we become acquainted here in Las Vegas, NV, USA.
Where will we meet?
We might meet in your hotel suite or a public area such as a lounge or restaurant. The type of date you are requesting will determine where we begin.
Do you entertain couples?
At this time my Couples' Extravagnazas are limited. Please enquire via message.
I am kind of shy. How discrete are you?
As a very private person, everything that happens with us stays with us – even your deepest secrets. Do share! Be advised though, being discrete and being anonymous are not synonymous.
Where do you draw the line?
Because my health and safety are number one priorities, I do not partake in smoking anything illegal or with cig in the name (although I am very 420 Frendly) heavy drinking, drugs, wrestling, most public humiliation or anything remotely familiar. I feel most comfortable when my new friend is willing to accept my boundaries.
Will you wear something special just for me?
I'd love to! Email me with your suggestion as to how I should dress. Lip Stick color? Shoe color or style? Stockings? etc ... Or ... Is it YOU who loves to dress up? (See my Addiction and Aesthetic pages for more info.)

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